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Hi ! I'm Sarah. 


I've been passionate about hair for 15 years and have serviced the cities of NY - LA - NJ. My newest creative endeavors lead me to Charlotte in 2019 and my focus has been on building relationships with this community. 


I really love it here! Some of my favorite things to do include exploring new restaurants, walking on the greenways & yoga/meditation in the park. I love anything artsy and capturing beautiful moments with friends or by myself. 


The beauty industry to me is more than just looking good- it's the feeling of serenity & peace, you offer yourself, when you sit with me. 

My experience as an artist has led me to style hair abroad in Italy, and New Zealand for women's circles as well as Jamaica for island weddings. I'm a multi cultural artist and range in all textures of hair. I enjoy trying new things and love transformation! 


The Girlfriend's Glam Co. is my passion project with intent to serve high vibes! 

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Hi everyone, I'm Jade.



 I grew up right outside of Charlotte in Indian Trail.


Some of my favorite things to do include traveling, watching sports (go Lakers), anything active or fitness related, and exploring new places in Charlotte. Also, I can’t forget spending time with my Maltipoo, Khloe; I would bring her everywhere if I were allowed.


 I am currently a Cosmetology student set to graduate in 2021. Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to help people feel better. I have a deep passion for the beauty industry, and how it has the power to transform people on the outside as well as the inside. Through this connection, it allows us to help people feel more confident, overcome struggles, transform them for their most special occasions, and it brings about an amazing feeling to be able to take part in that process.

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Hi everyone,  I am Savannah!

Although, some of you may know me as Brooklyn.


I was born and raised in Asheville, NC and relocated to Charlotte in 2015. I have always nurtured my spirituality while balancing my love for plants and my 3 black cats.

 I have obtained 6 years of skincare and makeup experience. Enhancing natural beauty is my foremost goal when working with my clients. I consider myself a multifaceted artist with a range of looks from fresh, natural to off-beat, edgy. 

I have received vast training by some of the industry’s most highly regarded brands, such as Chanel and Tom Ford cosmetics. Super excited to bring my unique touch to The Girlfriend’s Glam Company for your special event. 

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